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February 17, 2015

There has been a lot of concern expressed over this weekends mandatory practice and the basketball torunament taking place at the same time.  Please let everyone know that they should play in the basketball tournament.  We know all the kids look forward to playing in tournaments!  

The extended evaluation period we implemented this year was put in place to help properly align player skills with team assignments and ensure every team has catchers and pitchers to be competitive.  Player evaluation scores will weigh heavily on their initial placement, and the group practices, along with inter-league play, will determine final placement.

One of the reasons we are having the first round of cuts so early was to allow players enough time who didn't make it this year to sign up for Delhi Parks and Rec Baseball to further develop their skills for next season.  While this is a competitive league, we do not want to lose players due to a bad experience because they were not ready to play at this level.

February 12, 2015

Evaluations are this Saturday (2/14)!  Don't forget to wear your shirt you were given during the Bootcamp.  No shirt, No evaluation.  For those who didn't attend Bootcamp, your shirt will be available for pickup before your session.  Please show up early so we can get you processed.

All players need to check-in before starting evaluations.

Session time are:

Session 1 - 9am-11am
Session 2 - 11:30am-1:30pm
Session 3 - 2pm-4pm

Only players and coaches are allowed in the gym during evaluations.  Parents are welcome to stay in the hallway while evaluations are taking place.  If you stay, you may want to bring a folding chair for your comfort.  

First group practice will be held on 2/21 at the North Campus gym.  

U14 - 9am-11am
U12 - 11:30am-1:30pm
U10 2pm - 4pm

Don't forget your shirt.  You will be required to wear your shirt for all practices until final teams are formed.

February 2nd, 2015

Are you interested in being a coach for HJRB?  Maybe help with coaching as your schedule permits?  We are having a coaches meeting Wednesday February 4th at 7PM in the North Campus Choir Room to cover Bootcamp, Evaluations, and pre-season.  Signup in the Events menu so we know you're interested.    

January 25th, 2015

Information about the 2015 Season can be found under the 2015 Season menu.

Program Changes
We will now be fielding 4 teams in each age division!  

We are working on fixes to charge the correct amount for bootcamp and the shirt.  Those who paid the $5 for the shirt will see a refund soon.  Everyone attending the bootcamp needs a shirt.  For now, purchase the shirt and we will refund you until we get this fixed.

If you didn't attend the bootcamp, you need to order a shirt when you signup for the bootcamp.  

Signup Process
It has been brought to our attention that there is some uncertainty on the signup/registration process.

After creating the primary family account, you will need to add each player in your family that will be participating in Jr. Rams Baseball this year.  You can create additional family accounts under the primary family account so extended family members can check in on your player to see games schedules and results.  You can also link your Facebook account making it easier to post information on your Facebook page.  

To signup for the bootcamp, click the Camp menu item to go to the registration page.  Click the Register button for the time slot you will be attending.  Please note, U14 players can only attend session 3 due to the MHSAA rule preventing high school coaches from providing instruction to U14 players during the off-season.

To signup for Evaluations, select the Events menu item and follow the same process as bootcamp signup.

Interested in being a coach?
Please send an email to info@hjrb.org expressing interest in coaching.  We will be holding a coaching clinic in February where you will receive instructions from the Holt Rams coaching staff on the Rams baseball program along with handouts on running practices, techniques, etc.  This is for anyone who knows or thinks they want to coach or be an assistant, even parents who help the coaching staff should attend.

The time has arrived to kick the Holt Junior Rams Sponsorship Drive into action!  

The program gives you an opportunity to receive a refund of a portion of your player fees while generating revenue for the HJRB program.  Here' the bottom line: 15% of total sponsorship dollars you bring into the program will be used to reduce your child's current year registration fee!

This can be a win-win-win program!  Your assistance can help secure much needed funds for the HJRB program, you will be rewarded for you effort with reduced registration fees, and the business sponsor wins by obtaining cheap and easy advertising opportunities that are tax deductible.

To view/download sponsorship documents, click the following links:

Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship Details

If you have questions, please email us at info@hjrb.org

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